Simple, per every new 200 follows, subscribers or whatever per social media or my newsletter, ill do a give away. Have to look at Subscribestar or Patreon rules, so those are not included in this. But every other social or my email list counts for the giveaway.

Will limit this to 3 doodles a week incase something goes viral <3

In order to be eligible you must be following, subscribed or whatever to the social media of your choosing or my email newsletter. Once i hit the number ill pick at random someone to get the art.

Also the giveaway will be for the first new 2000. When that number is reached, any after that wont count for another picture. You will still be eligible for the giveaway. But if say something goes viral and 600 people follow, that doesnt mean ill pick three people. It will still just be the 1 random. Then when im ready ill let people know when a new giveaway resets and any new follows will count towards triggering the next giveaway.

This is just to make sure I dont go viral and end up having to do like a bijillion doodles.

And heres a example of what ya can get. Limited to 1 character, nothing with alot a penises or tentacles. like a few fucking em is fine, but nothing crazy like an entire hentai run times worth.