Giveaways will trigger once I get 1000 new follows, subs or signups per social or for my websites newsletter. Limit 2 winners a week so i dont tire myself out due to my bad health and so i dont get swamped if i go viral and get 100k subs out of nowhere. Once prizes go out i will post when the counter resets and any new follows, signups or subs start counting towards triggering a new giveaway.

Must be following, signed up for or subbed to any my socials down below to be eligible. You will be eligible for the prize regardless of which you follow, sub or sign up for. Even if your particular social doesn’t trigger a giveaway. For example if twitter triggers a give away, a winner will be picked at random from all the eligible socials and the newsletter. And be sure to have notifications on so ya dont miss out on any news in regards to the giveaway. <3

Eligible Socials:

The Email Newsletter

(Scroll down if ya dont see it. Its the email fill in bar with the submit button under the blue link list on my site <3)



Giveaway Prize Example <3:

Visit the commission info page linked down below for rules on what i will or will not draw and what i will need to work on your free prize <3