Sketch – $35

+ $20 Per additional character.

First 3 random floating detailed, not cropped out dicks or tentacles are free. 4th one will make it count as an additional character.

After this each random floating detailed not cropped out dick or tentacle is 5.00 each.

Colored Sketch – $60

+ $35 Per additional character. 

First 3 random floating detailed, not cropped out dicks or tentacles are free. 4th one will make it count as an additional character. 

After this each random floating detailed not cropped out dick or tentacle is 8.75 each.


Payment is upfront via Patreon.

Once details about your request are received and your payment goes through, you’ll receive a rough sketch that ill send to you for approval.

Make sure to speak up and let Abiy know of any changes ya want during this part, as this will be the only time when changes can be made.

If the sketch is approved, Abiy will finish your request.

However if you request any changes, Abiy will fix the rough sketch and then send it to ya again for the second last check and final approval. 

After this, any more alterations will be an additional 5 to 20 dollars depending on the request. 


Anything involving KiryΕ«in Satsuki-Sama

Anything involving lewding real people (Movie characters are fine)

Anything involving anyone under 18 in real life

Anything involving lewding my dog

Anything involving lewding meh


Pineapple on pizza



I dont know it all, so sending me reference speeds it up so I can finish your request faster <3

Reference can be anything such as drawings, hentai manga, screenshots, pics of people that are 18+ and/or any legal images ya can send <3

And yes bing is a good for finding reference if google doesn’t work for ya <3

Make sure to include reference of the pose ya want. Like the image here for example <3

Send me a character sheet like the one below. If your request needs it, include any of the characters accessories, tattoos, markings, outfits, claws or appendages with the initial character sheet or in seperate images

Adding character sheet or model sheet to a google or bing search usually brings this up <3


Teen Titans Starfire Character Sheet

Teen Titans Starfire Model Sheet

If you can’t find a character sheet, then get the same back, side, side face and front angles as you see below in the character sheet through other images.

And don’t crop out any part of the head, hair, accessories, tattoos, markings, outfits, claws, appendages or body unless your request doesnt need it.

For alternate hair, accessories, tattoos, markings, outfits, claws or appendages, include the same back, side, side face and front angles like in the character sheet. Unless its something simple like the stuff below where 1 image per alt item would be enough reference.

If you have colored reference of the nipples, dick, tentacles, crotch hair color or pussy color, then send that too. Only needed for colored and nude request and if your show actually has this available.

Also if ya want a alternate or specific color for any part of your request, you can send me color reference of the color ya want. Such as a different eye color or different clothes colors for example.



Copy the form below starting at Begining of form – and ending at 

End of Form – and fill it out all the questions relevant to your request in the message of your email.

You can also request things besides the examples listed below in the form as long as it’s under the specific question or in the space for additional comments.

And you can send reference images to answer any the questions in the form.

Once completed, send the form and any reference images to

And if ya have any questions don’t hesitate to ask <3


Begining of form –



Your name and/or alias: 

Do you wish to be anonymous?

Your Email:

Your patreon profile name:

Your Patreon email (Leave blank if the same as your email): 

Link your twitter, Instagram, Newgrounds or Hentai Foundry if ya wanna be tagged when i post the art:



Do you want a Sketch or Colored Sketch?

How many characters do you want?



What do ya want <3 And be detailed and descriptive <3

Any futas, dickgirls or traps? Or just girls? Or bois? What size ya want there dicks or balls if any have em? Any bumps or spikes on em?

How many floating dicks or tentacles? Also what size ya want the them? Any bumps or spikes on em?

How do you want the expression or face? If ya have a particular look in mind, ya can send a reference image if that’s easier for you <3 

Do ya want cum in the pussy, ass or mouth? Or covering a certain body part? Wherever ya want cum lemme know <3



(For a custom body, fill out the custom body section instead and ignore the body type options section)

Thic muscle mom body with abs that I normally draw like the example at the top of this page?


Kinda based on how the show does the characters.

Note that I don’t do exact 1 for 1 recreations. Saying ya want it like the show means I will draw it how I draw, but with a body like how it is in the show.

List your body option here and any additional things ya want in regard to this part of the form.



Skinny, fat, muscely, bulging muscles, thic or fit body? Do you want em tall, short or medium height?

Nipple and tit size? Chest size if your request is a dude?

Skinny, fat, muscely with abs, bulging muscles, thic, or fit stomach/mid section area?

Butt size? Muscles on the butt?

Skinny, fat, muscely, bulging muscles, thic or fit arms and legs?

Any additional things ya want for your custom body, list them here <3


End of Form –