Doodle- $20+ $15 each additional character

Lineart- $40+ $25 each additional character

Color- $60 + $30 each additional character

+ 11% sales tax for your purchase

First 4 random floating dicks or tentacles are free. After that each additional 4 will count as a extra character. If your fine with me copy and pasting them, then this limit is raised to 8.


This info is for personal request only for fun and entertainment.

By taking part in this transaction, you agree to follow and abide by the rules, legal information and/or regulations listed here:

Abiys Rules – AbiyBattleSpell.com (18+ Only) 🍠

And you agree that the images, content or work provided will not be used for any reason that involves making money or business. If your request is for making money or business, then follow the instructions as normal and let me know and I will give ya a quote and discuss any other details.

Email, Contact, Payment and Delivery Instructions:

Payment is upfront via Patreon only atm. Work will start once I confirm both the details and payment for your request. All talks about your request will be via email. Money is the only thing handled via Patreon. Orders can take anywhere between up to 3 days to 2 weeks. Mostly due to my current health issues and the time it takes to manage them. You will receive them in your email once complete.

When ya send your request, send it to


Include your name or alias, your email and patreon profile name or link to your patreon account. And let me know if ya wish to be anonymous or not. If ya leave being anonymous blank, ill assume ya dont care <3

You can also send any socials if ya want me to tag you when its complete <3

Reference and Telling me about your order:

You must send character reference so I can know what ya want and get the picture drawn quicker for you <3 Also note that I dont do exact copies of artstyles, even if its based off my own work to some extent.

But if you want the body type similar to that of the show or incorporate a few elements from the original design, that can be done in my art style. The examples on this page are a general idea of what you can expect with your order, just be sure to mention what it is you wish to incorporate.

Now, in regards to finding the perfect character reference, just search these words together in either google or bing.

The name of the show, comic or topic.

The name of the character and then either character, reference or model sheet and the year if applicable.


Teen Titans Starfire Character Sheet 2003

Teen Titans Starfire Reference Sheet 2003

Teen Titans Starfire Model Sheet 2003

Something like this should pop up from your search.

But if ya cant find this, whatever images ya got will work as long as I get similar info to the character sheet above. And include the colors if your order is colored.

Also include any clothing, accessories or other things ya want for your order. Dont crop out any part of there body if its important. Like there hair for example if it has a specific design or length, or if they got certain unique body markings or appendages.

Next tell me about what you want and be detailed about everything either via images or text. Tell me about things like the size of or details about the height, dicks, balls, butts, boobs, nipples, pose or topic, expression for the characters and/or any other part of your order. The more details the better <3

And if your order is colored, let me know if ya want the nipples, pussy, pussy hair, butthole or anything else a specific color. Otherwise I’ill just assume I’m free to color em as I see fit or base it on the character reference.

Also below are a few body, mouth and head types I draw. If its easier for you, you can select one of them by telling me the number. You can also tell me to modify a body, mouth or head if ya want em slightly altered. And yes you can request body, mouth and head types that are not muscular or fit or that are not on this page <3

Body types: 1-3 Fit girls 4-5 short girls 6-8 bit thicer waist and legs

9-11 bit skinnier waist and legs

B is just how any head can have the right eye kinda squished. Mention it when selecting your head if ya want it or dont for the regular above head types. Like either head 1 or head 1b.

What i wont work on

Anything involving real life people (Movie characters or memes or naked internet personalities are fine as long as the real life person portraying em is 18 years of age or older)

Anything involving anyone in real life that is underage.

Underage characters (Aging em up to 18 years of age or older is fine.)

Anything involving Kiryūin Satsuki-sama.

Anything involving pineapple on pizza.


Racist Stuff.

Ocs or gender bending/swapped characters (If you have the image reference I requested above, I will work on it. But I wont design characters for you from scratch. Or if its a gender bent character and ya pretty much just want them to look the same but be the girl or boy version, ill work on it.

Realistic and overly detailed stuff.

Anything lewding me or my dog.