So i took a bit time off after my last drawing so i could energize myself. Was doing this so i could try hard and draw a bunch of pics for endgame and not worry bout lack of energy or my arm hurting as much, But when i opened my door yesterday as i was going to get groceries, i found a note from the apt office on my door.

The note said that on the week of apr 29 there will be a inspection of the apts in my building. so from now till around the week of apr 29 (and that bit of the begging of may) ill be doing just sketches for most of the free stuff that i post. mostly cuz my knee injury and shitty body makes doing stuff like cleaning slow and cuz this will be the best action for me to take since i dont wanna just drop everything art wise and focus on the apt. especially after i took a bit of a few days off.

plus i been wanting to focus on practicing and improving my sketches so i find this will be a fun opportunity and challenge for meh >:3

no changes to Patreon art btw and that will remain the same.

i do got some other plans that i will also announce asap in this time frame so stay tuned <3